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Q: How do I ship my Lego’s to you?

A: The first step is to fill out our form on our donate page. We will send you a free shipping label for you to print and put on the package.


Q: What is the best way to package the Lego’s?

A: The best way to send the Lego’s is to first put them in a plastic bag that you can tie closed. Then put them in a box and seal well. The bag will help keep the Lego’s in the box should the box get torn.


Q: What If I have other brands mixed in with my Lego’s?

A: Don’t worry about that! We will sort the non brand lego’s out. We can sell them as well. We just need to be clear when we do that they are not actual Lego’s.


Q: How do I weigh my Lego’s? 

A: If you don’t know how much they weigh, you can always weigh yourself on a home scale,  then weigh yourself holding the package and subtract the difference.  Alternatively, you can estimate how many GALLONS of Lego’s you have. Each gallon is approximately 2 lbs.

It is important for us to know the weight of the package so we may create your free shipping label


Q: Where can I ship my Lego’s from?

A: You can give your package to your USPS letter carrier, or bring it to any USPS or Fedex location. Currently we only offer free shipping in the 48 contiguous. (sorry Hawaii and Alaska!)


Q: Do you accept other types of toys?

A: We will gladly accept all kinds of toys to help raise funds for kids cancer treatments.  Unfortunately we cannot pay for shipping of toys that are not lego or other lego type toys.  Please contact us to discuss the best way for us to handle this type of donation.


Q: Where do I send the donated Lego’s if I will pay for the shipping myself?

A: Thank you! You can send them to:

Bricks For A Cure

C/O Camanda

180 Old Colony Ave

Quincy, MA 02170


Q: If I donate Legos, where do they go?

A: Many hospitals can’t take used Legos so we sort, clean, sanitize, and sell them. We take ALL the proceeds and donate it to either families that need financial assistance with Cancer treatments, or organizations that help families suffering from a Cancer diagnosis.


Q: Can I recycle Legos?

A: Legos really can’t be recycled. The type of ABS plastic used, along with the small size makes it nearly impossible to recycle legos. They generally will end up in a landfill where they will not break down. The best way to recycle legos is to actually “repurpose legos” meaning let another child enjoy one of the greatest toys ever made!!

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