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We are a non-profit that relies on people like you to donate Legos that their kids are no longer using. We will sort out the other brands so you don’t have to. We will clean, repackage, and sell them to raise money to help get cancer treatment for kids who need our help. Don’t let these LEGOs collect dust or sit in a landfill. Put them back “in play” and feel good knowing that you are doing your part to help these kids in need. Thank you for your donation. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

People have asked why we collect and resell LEGOs as a way to raise money for kids Cancer treatment.  LEGOs are actually the perfect item for this type of program.

LEGOs are probably one of the most educational and creative toys ever created. But every year millions of Lego pieces go unused as children outgrow them. On the other side of the coin are children who want these great LEGOs but cannot afford them. Collecting and reselling LEGOs gives children who may not be able to afford new LEGO sets a chance to buy great LEGO items at a discount. We make sure the pieces offered are all in great condition and are clean and sanitized.

To go even further, LEGOs are made of an ABS plastic and are very small which makes them virtually impossible to recycle. It also makes them not safe for landfills as they don’t break down. The better option is to reuse/repurpose them.

Put this all together, and raise money to help kids afford the Cancer treatments they need and deserve, and you have the perfect choice in LEGOs.

I hope you agree and will help our cause by donating any unused LEGOs you may have and by spreading the word about Bricks For A Cure.

Thank you!


 …A little more info:

We are actively collecting LEGOⓇ donations.  We have more need for donations than we have. We have many more requests for help than we can fill right now.  The LEGOs you donate are used to help kids pay for Cancer treatment that they can’t afford. Kids should never get cancer but when diagnosed they should also never be denied treatment because they can’t afford it.

There is no need to sort the LEGOs you donate. We will even do that! We will sort colors, sets, and even take out the non LEGO pieces. LEGO Donation packing tips are here.

I bet you didn’t know:  LEGO pieces are not marked with the recycling symbol, and are a mixture of “Type 7 Plastic” (ABS) and other materials. They usually get sorted out by your town and put in the landfill.

Your LEGO donation is making a difference int the lives of children. Thank you.

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